Do You Want To Be A Cool Guy?


If you want to be a cool guy that other people love, respect and attract. First, we need to determine what or who is the cool guy.

And the best way to do this is to first understand what someone is doing freely.

Uncool Person

An uncool is someone who is trying to become the center of attention and make people admire them because they want attention and approval. They are trying to achieve this, relax bragging about how big or too quiet, and claim to show how smart they are.

This just ends up turning people off.

Cool Guy

Cool guy, on the other hand, someone does exactly the opposite. Instead of trying to make themselves the center of attention, they make everyone whom they’re talking to the focus of attention.

In today’s day and age to be cool or fancy is a bit different from the way it first started. Because everyone wants to be cool now more public recognition through the way out. There is still an easy component that is different and unique, but because everyone tries to be different and unique, this is a form of correspondence.

Being cool and popular helping people to attract attention. Since they are not confident in themselves, they need this attention to confirm who they are to feel better. Therefore, the “Validation and Self Worth” lesson is so important that your child does not depend on external sources to feel good about themselves. What most teenagers say “look at me.” This attention is sought to be able to feel better and be accepted.

Be Yourself and Don’t Try to Copy Others

This will be what other people will look for. You are unique and should don’t need to join a clique. Make your friendships. Being cool be one on the road, even if you are quiet, but not dirty and passive aggressive. Do not try to be like someone else’s copying movement of someone else or act, although it’s good to try these actions, if you do it regularly, it will come out like a fake because it is part of your personality and you are trying to be something that you are not.

Being cool is not about changing who you are, its about being confident enough so that people can see how great you are.

Remember that we are all humans, and we try to accept each other, despite all the shortcomings and qualities we have, why not accept yourself as you are the most important person in the world. Make a list of goals to which you aspire. What makes you cool is your personality. Try to find your talent in – sports, music, art, or whatever. People will notice your passion and you will succeed. You can also get new skills and meet new people by trying new things.

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