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5 Mass Extinction That Has Occurred on Earth

Triassic Period
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Get 5 Interesting Facts About Oxygen, It’s in Space Also

Oxygen Image
Oxygen – Everyone knows this one substance. Since in elementary school we have been taught that living things need oxygen to breathe. Even while you are reading this article, your lungs are working to breathe oxygen to be circulated throughout the body for your survival. But do you know that oxygen can also be dangerous and even deadly for us? Below are the 5 facts are summarized so that you...

The Truth About Lies? These 7 Unique Scientific Facts According to Experts!

Lie 5
Humans always lied, from small lies to very large ones. Starting from the white lies that are intended for good, to dirty lies that are indeed for bad intentions. Surprisingly lying has been done from a small human to an adult. Even though you already know when lying there will be a problem, then why is it often done? There are strong causes that can be explained scientifically, why someone often lies....