Can A 12 Year Old Read A Song Of Ice And Fire?


As it ends up, the Song of Ice and Fire books aren’t banned because of their violence or sexual content; they’ve banned because they have maps inside. “You know, somehow it could lead to a prisoner escaping to Westeros,” Dillon quipped.

Is A Song of Ice and Fire real story?

A Song of Ice and Fire, along with its TV adaptation, Game of Thrones, is a fantasy series. So here’s a look at the bloody, twisted, and unfortunately true history that inspired A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. …

Is Game of Throne real?

Plot. Game of Thrones is roughly based on the storylines of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R. R. Martin, set in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the continent of Essos.

What are the 7 kingdoms in got?

Once seven individual kingdoms—the North (home to Winterfell), the Vale (home to The Eyrie), the Stormlands, the Reach, the Westerlands, the Iron Islands, and Dorne—they now comprise a unified Westeros ruled by King Robert of House Baratheon.

Is Game of Thrones a banned book?

Bans include Game of Thrones, many tabletop RPGs (e.g., Dungeons & Dragons), and award-winning graphic novels.

What age rating is Lord of the Rings?

The PG classification means that while parents are advised some scenes may be unsuitable for children under eight, children of any age may see the film unaccompanied by an adult.

Is A Song of Ice and Fire OK for kids?

So this is a great book, the violence is very graphic, but since its a book, its not to bad, maybe PG-13 or a light R. The sexual content however is very graphic. … Theres also a lot of violence, and disturbing content, and the books are notorious for killing off its lead characters.

Why is Game of Thrones inappropriate?

Frequent graphic, gory violence, including executions and their bloody aftermath, and large-scale battles with powerful and gruesome fight scenes. … Sexual violence also is graphically depicted. Skeletons, zombie-like creatures, and dragons are among the show’s scary fantasy creatures.

What age is OK to watch Game of Thrones?

The kids range in age from 6 to 13, and their comments while being shown the (relatively PG-rated) season 8 promo and some kid-friendly scenes (which the producers admitted they had a difficult time finding) are both hysterically funny and adorable.

Can a 14 year old watch Game of Thrones?

“Common Sense Media”, a great resource for understanding content appropriateness for children, has given the book, ‘A Game of Thrones’ a 17+ rating. The same platform shows that parents have rated the book as 14+ while kids have given it a rating of 13+.

What age group is friends for?

Some critics imply or say that Friends is more of a parent-oriented show, and to a degree, they are right. While the content is not inappropriate for older tweens and teens, it’s likely that they’ll best understand the plot of this show at age 17-18. Which is why I set the age recommendation to 17+.

Can a 12 year old watch Lord of the Rings?

Age 12: Expect more action and violence in Tolkien’s books and the adaptations. Age 13 and up: If your teens have read the books and watched the movies, they can probably handle anything in these games. Not for kids: Extreme violence makes these games better suited for adults.

Is Lord of the Rings a 12?

The second instalment in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy has been awarded a 12A certificate by the British board of film classification. The rating means that children under the age of 12 may only see The Two Towers in the company of an adult.

Is The Hobbit OK for an 8 year old?

Parents need to know that, of J.R.R. Tolkien’s many excellent books, The Hobbit is the better choice for tweens. It makes a great read-aloud for kids 8 and up and read-alone for 10 or 11 and up. Kids younger than 8 will probably have a tough time with both the vocabulary and some of the violence.

Is 48 Laws of Power banned in prisons?

Reception. The 48 Laws of Power has sold over 1.2 million copies in the United States and has been translated into 24 languages. … The book has been banned by several US prisons. Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer said that Greene’s so-called laws are based on isolated examples, and not on solid research.

Are prisoners allowed to read books?

While every prison is different, one of the few things they all have in common is access to books. Nearly every prison – whether state or federal – has some kind of library where inmates can go to check out different kinds of reading material. Not only can you read in prison, but prisoners are encouraged to do so.

Is the book Power banned from prisons?

Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power is known to be a popular reading choice among prisoners in the United States prison system, as well as celebrities. … The 48 Laws Of Power, as well as Greene’s follow-up, The Art of Seduction, are both banned books.

What happens to Arya Stark at the end?

The final glimpse of Arya in Game of Thrones showed her sailing off toward adventure, determined to discover something no one else ever has: what is west of Westeros. That gave Arya one of the most open-ended conclusions of any character in Thrones.

Who are the 9 families in Game of Thrones?

Ranking the 9 Major Game of Thrones Houses

  • House Targaryen.
  • House Lannister. …
  • House Greyjoy. …
  • House Tyrell. …
  • House Baratheon. …
  • House Martell. …
  • House Arryn. …
  • House Tully. If you’ll recall, Catelyn Stark actually hails from House Tully. …

What planet is Westeros?

So the world of Westeros is named Earth, just as certainly as Sandor Clegane is Sandor Clegane, but there’s still a hedge in Martin’s answer that prevents us from simply naming the Game of Thrones planet Earth.

How inappropriate is a friend?

The comedy may be inappropriate for kids, and yet the storytelling can be more original and thought-provoking than in sitcoms geared specifically to younger viewers. Characters’ contradictions and mistakes make them questionable role models but also account for why so many viewers relate to them.

Can a 14 year old watch Vampire Diaries?

Despite its Twilight undertones, The Vampire Diaries actually precedes Meyer’s sparkly vampires by at least a decade. … However, teen readers looking to sink their teeth into more vampire romance will definitely find what they’re looking for here. Recommended for Ages 15-Up.

Why is the office TV 14?

Frequent jokes about sex and some sexual innuendo, but nothing overt, with occasional (but comical) blurred nudity. Some co-workers are involved in on-again, off-again physical relationships and/or interoffice affairs.


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