Burgundy Color Psychology And Personality Meaning


Burgundy is a shade lighter than the color maroon. This is a mixture of brown and red with a purple hue. Many people confuse it with brown, which has a slightly reddish-brown hue and is devoid of a purple shade that has a burgundy hue.

The burgundy color was named after the drink, which had a characteristic red shade of color. In particular, it is named after the color of red wines coming from burgundy vineyards in France.

Burgundy Color Psychology

Psychology of Burgundy Color

Burgundy is often associated with a higher society. The rich hue and red tint are interpreted as sophistication. It is considered more serious than the lighter shades of red, and it lacks a sense of fun, the gentle energy possessed by shades of pink.

Burgundy can be seen as a color that shows power. The combination of psychological seriousness and powerful energy gives a feeling of high ambition. Therefore, people trying to show their strength or a wealthy class can use burgundy as a way to show these traits.

Differences and Origins of Maroon & Burgundy

Maroon is a variation of red, dark red brown color. It is created by combining the three primary colors (Subtractive RYB) of red, blue and yellow. It got its name from the word Marron, of French descent, it is a large chestnut.

Burgundy is a reddish-violet color, the balance between red and blue has changed and now includes higher levels of blue, which gives it a purple hue. It got its name from burgundy wines from the French region of Burgundy.

Personality if Maroon or Burgundy is Your Favorite Color


You value your individuality and uniqueness, love luxury goods and sometimes you can be a little materialistic.

You are closed and closed in personality, you like it when you are perceived as a person with wealth, sophistication and high social status. In general, how others see and evaluate you is important to you.


  • These colors can increase your energy as red, but they make it more thoughtful, dignified and controlled.
  • They contribute to seriousness in behavior and restrained and withdrawn character traits.
  • The presence of warm colors promotes a feeling of warmth, comfort and can stimulate appetite.

People with a Burgundian Personality

Burgundy Color

Burgundy is a shade of wine that may have a different spiritual meaning. It can mean a holiday or a celebration. It may also be related to the Blood of Jesus. Drinking wine during the official Christian Mass is a symbol of drinking the blood of Christ.

From the point of view of our personality, this may be a symbol of a noble warrior. However, since there is no stable amount of Burgundy, this can lead to the development of different personalities.


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