Black Color Psychology And Personality Meaning


The Color Psychology of Black

Black Color Psychology

Black color generally symbolizes secrets, hidden truth, mysterious concepts or things which have an air of uncertainty or doubt around them. It keeps things suppressed from the external world. In color psychology, the color Black acts as a layer between the outside world and the person while hiding the necessary things yet protecting the emotions & feelings.

As mentioned in color psychology, the following are some of the unique characteristics of Black color:

  • Lights of any color in the color spectrum is absorbed by Black.
  • Black color is widely used in apparel, not just for its slimming quality but also for symbolizing a particular character. For example- Business tycoons, world leaders, etc. always use Black or other dark colored suits which symbolizes power or authority.
  • Many religious sects across the world associate the color Black with death & mourning.
  • Black color may also be used to denote qualities like strong, sophisticated, powerful character or person.
  • A few examples of how the color Black is used in language: Black money, black suit, black tie, black Cat, blacklist, etc.

Black Color Interpretation

Black Gradient Color Palette

The way how the color Black is interpreted can vary from person to person and make react differently to the same. While one may interpret it as strong or powerful, another person may interpret the same as something hidden or secretive. Black color is associated with water element (out of five Feng Shui elements, the other four being metal, fire, wood & earth) and signifies strong aura or energy.

As mentioned earlier, color Black denoted strong, powerful, sophisticated person. Have you ever seen a world leader or a business tycoon wear light colored suits? Some people also use the color Black to indicate depression or disappointment.

If black is your favorite color, it could signify the following:

  • You might be looking for a cover from any negativity surrounding you.
  • You want to have a certain aura of suspicion or mystery around yourself.
  • You may be going through self-denial phase, not enjoying life to the fullest.
  • You are an introvert or do not like sharing things openly with others possibly due to the fear of the unknown.
  • You do your work very systematically, ensuring everything is finished as required.

If black is the color you hate, it could signify the following:

  • You are a cheerful, open and easy going individual & not so formal.
  • You may have a distaste or hostility towards the color Black if you are an easy going person having an optimistic & easy going approach to life.
  • You do not like power or control & you have a delicate attitude.
  • You are an extrovert, down to earth kind of person and would not like an aura of suspicion or mystery around yourself.
  • You have fear of the unknown or would not like to venture into uncharted territories.

If you are looking for some of the most commonly associated words with the color black, they are power, control, strong, death or mourning, evil, suspicion, mystery, etc.


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