What Beauty Really Means?


Beauty is a phenomenal concept that is as old as humanity. However, this concept is very misunderstood. Different people listen to such diverse views, about which beauty suggests that many of them are confused, frustrated and completely abandoned. If someone should go to you and ask you to define beauty; What do you say? Would you begin to describe the structure of the cover that you saw in one of the popular magazines or rainbows? Or do you think of soft melodic music or even for a romantic, poetic lover? All this can be defined within the concept of beauty, but one thing is clear that there is no special definition of beauty.

Beauty Definition

Beauty is highly subjective. Beauty is something abstract and intangible. This is something about something. This thing about something will be different from person to person. A popular definition of beauty is that it is characteristic of something that gives a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Therefore, to perceive beauty, it must stimulate the senses to evoke a feeling of joy, pleasure, and satisfaction.


The way in which the society we live in is influenced by many factors. First, there are cultural factors. In the past, each culture had separate criteria on which it bases beauty. There are those cultures that believe plump women are beautiful. Therefore, the fattening of girls before marriage is a common practice. Others think that the legs are beautiful. But they are currently changing. With the development of technology and human interaction, differences in cultural preferences are minimized, and now we have an almost standard way of looking at beauty.

Nowadays Beauty is all About Fashion Trends

It strongly depends on the parameters set by the leading fashion houses. Images that publicly present form dress, walking style, and physics, are increasingly becoming a trend that is expected to follow in the world.

But what do we see on the Catwalk, is the true concept of beauty?

Fortunately, no. Human beauty is so rich that we can not have certain parameters in which to determine it. It is impossible not to authoritatively say that the beautiful little blonde is beautiful, thin, beautiful green eyes are beautiful, etc. And condemn other characteristics. There is not a standard of beauty, and every person is beautiful in her way. There can only prejudice as a result of the society around the individual.


The image of beauty has become very commercialized. Non-conformity is the risk of rejection. Studies show that it is considered beautiful has a halo effect. A beautiful and attractive person would receive more attention when you will get higher grades in the class, get more assistance, get a better job, be paid more, and have more self-confidence.

Unintentionally, people who are considered beautiful, are better adjusted, confident and look smarter. Therefore, beauty plays a key role in our life, in how we connect with others and how we choose our friends.

Be Yourself and Play a Good Role in Your Life

We must strive to ensure that people pleased with what they see when they look at us. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We must strive to strengthen our strengths and hide our weaknesses. The goal is not to be the most beautiful person around. It is useless because there is no such beautiful person. The goal is to ensure that we are presentable and acceptable in the society in which we live.

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