Arvind Kejriwal Performing Sewa At Golden Temple And Apologize


Arvind Kejriwal Amritsar SewaAmritsar – Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal cleaned dishes at Golden Temple Amritsar before dawn, as an excuse for what he called “unintentional errors” – his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s youth manifesto, which uses the image of a Sikh temple with the symbol of the party, broom.

He was careful to avoid sweeping floors – is considered an important service for repentance – that they accuse critics, using the symbol of his party in the temple.

“I came here to offer voluntary service to apologize for the inadvertent mistake committed by our youth manifesto. I’ve got the peace of mind now,” said Mr. Kejriwal, who has reached Amritsar on Sunday evening with the other leaders of his “sewa” or service.

With folded hands and a handkerchief covering his head, Mr. Kejriwal went around the temple complex, offer prayers and later cleaned dishes in the “Langar Hall”.¬†AAP chief was in the temple for about 45 minutes.

Earlier this month, a complaint was filed against the party representative Ashish Khetan, who is accused of offending the feelings of the Sikhs, by comparing the manifest religious books.



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