Apple Officially Announces The Retirement Of ITunes


According to rumors that previously circulated, Apple finally officially shutting down iTunes. Furthermore, iTunes will be replaced by three separate applications, namely Music, TV and Podcast.

iTunes Logo

The announcement of the termination of iTunes was made by Apple at the annual Apple Worldwide Developer Congress (WWDC) conference on Monday (03/6/2019). This step was taken by Apple in line with the plan to harmonize macOS (PC/laptop) with iOS (mobile).

In addition, this separate application also enhances Apple’s existing services, such as Apple Music and the upcoming Apple TV Plus. iTunes was introduced about 18 years ago in 2001. Initially, iTunes functioned as a media player application and music library.

When the iPod was introduced, iTunes became an application to organize and synchronize music. Then in 2007, when the iPhone was introduced, iTunes become an application for updating, synchronizing, and managing files on the iPhone.

Apple seems to be processing the transfer of iTunes to specific sectors according to their categories, such as,,,, and

Some links are known to be active like podcasts, while there are several other links that are still not ready. It is not yet known whether these changes also have an impact on the purchase of music, movies, or TV series that previously could be done on iTunes or not.


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