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The primary screen of a gadget or computer software is known as the home screen, homescreen, or start screen. Because users rearrange icons as they see fit, no two home screens are alike, and home displays vary widely amongst mobile operating systems. Almost every smartphone includes a home screen, which often contains access to apps, settings, and alerts.

Home screens are often made up of a grid of application links or shortcuts that can be spread across numerous pages and serve as the user’s primary means of accessing phone operations. Home displays frequently contain a dock along the screen’s edge, where application links may be saved and retrieved from any page on the home screen. To better arrange program connections, most operating systems enable users to add folders to the home screen. Some home screens may additionally feature a pane that displays push alerts or allows access to certain system settings.

Many home screens, in addition to program links, can show ambient information, such as live tiles on Windows Phone or widgets on Android. These tiles or widgets may link to apps, but unlike typical links, they display live, dynamic information rather than a static icon. However, the greater relevance of the information may come at the expense of device battery life, bandwidth, and the ease with which static program icons may be recognized.

Despite the fact that most home screens have a similar structure, they are not all built in the same way. Siri and WebOS are two famous instances of less-common home screen paradigms. The former is Apple’s natural language user interface, which does things like open apps, show pertinent info, and manage phone settings. Similar to task managers on other mobile operating systems, the latter is unique for its use of totally dynamic program icons that mimic the present state of the program.

Although most mobile operating systems include a default home screen, some devices allow the user to replace it with a different application or third-party home screen, allowing for more home screen paradigms.

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