28 Skull IPhone Wallpaper To Darken Up Your Phone Screen


The skull is one of the universal and primitive figures from art. Considered fascinating and majestic, this structure symbolizes the fundamentals of the entity, life, and death. Usually decorates a paranormal impression, perhaps because often through it tends to explore the incredible questions of life after death.

The skull images seem to be everywhere we look these days. Printed on shoes, children’s clothing, jackets, and jeans, etc.

What is the current fascination with the symbol of the skull?

While popular culture is consciously associated with Halloween skulls and death, the ancient civilizations of Mexico, Central and South America, the image of the skull symbolizes the desire to move to a higher frequency of consciousness. In the form of our head skull is part of our physical body, which holds the brain, the organ through which we express ourselves consciously in this reality. The brain is also the place where memory is; And where the information is stored. Many ancient civilizations used to honor the image of the skull, as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

The reason for the latest fashion trend of the skull symbol, the skull is a sign that our modern civilization as a whole is moving towards a higher state of consciousness. The spiritual wave that moves around the planet has caused a lot on the question about the purpose of life and their purpose in it. Gradually, one wakes up to a larger goal of existence. The true meaning of the skull is coded into the cells in our DNA and built into our collective unconscious. Our desire to learn more, to awaken consciousness, appears as the attraction of the skull.

Below we have collected the best collection of Skull iPhone Wallpaper which you can use it on your digital gadgets including smartphone, desktop PC, Mac, tablet, laptop, etc. Click on the wallpaper to view the full size or download.

Skull iPhone Wallpaper Gallery

1. Skull shadows – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 2

2. Skull mandala art on a black background with white outline – 736×1308

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 3

3. Skull wearing hat – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 4

4. Skull variant face masks – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 5

5. Black Skull – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 6

6. Floral Skull – 500×738

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 7

7. Skull floral mandala art – 552×960

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 8

8. Skull three teeth iPhone wallpaper – 744×1392

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 9

9. Love pink Skull Wallpaper – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 10

10. Skull cool logo iPhone wallpaper for home screen background – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 11

11. Skull colorful wallpaper for iPhone lock screen – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 12

12. Skull multi-heads – 640×960

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 13

13. Skull art by OHMYBROOKE – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 14

14. Skull colored polygon artwork – 530×840

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 15

15. Skull colorful face on a black background wallpaper for iPhone 6s – 640×960

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 16

16. Angry grunge Skull head iPhone 7 wallpaper – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 17

17. Laughing skull iPhone wallpaper – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 18

18. Green lagging skull – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 19

19. Arabic hat Skull colorful artwork – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 20

20. Three faced Skull art blue, yellow and pink – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 21

21. Gas mask skull – 640×1135

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 22

22. Grungy skull iPhone wallpaper – 750×1334

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 23

23. Disco ball skull – 640×960

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 24

24. Skull HD iPhone wallpaper – 640×960

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 25

25. Two face gamer skull iPhone wallpaper – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 26

26. Mosaic illustration of a human skull for May 2011 cover of Discover magazine – 1040×1536

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 27

Mosaic illustration of a human skull for May 2011 cover of Discover magazine.

27. Two face Skull artwork – 640×1136

Skull iPhone Wallpaper 28

28. Pink flower skull artwork wallpaper for iPhone – 500×750

Skull iPhone Wallpaper


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