25+ Cute Romantic Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend In Punjabi


Here is the list of most common, cute, romantic and beautiful names and nicknames you can call or text to your loved one. She/He can be a girlfriend & boyfriend or wife & husband.

Punjabi Couple

  1. Shona
  2. Nona
  3. Buggu
  4. Buggi
  5. Babu
  6. Hubby
  7. Wifey
  8. Sardar ji
  9. Sardarni ji
  10. Gugglu Mugglu
  11. Nona baby
  12. Motto
  13. Mottu
  14. Heeriye
  15. Jaan
  16. Meri Jaaniye
  17. Jattni
  18. Jatt
  19. My life
  20. My love
  21. Real King
  22. Real Life Hero
  23. Prince Charming
  24. Dream Hero
  25. Forever love
  26. Baby
  27. Angel
  28. Barbie doll
  29. Darling
  30. Sweetu
  31. Sweetheart
  32. My Sweet Love
  33. My Soul Mate
  34. My Better Half
  35. Handsome Hubby
  36. My Life Partner
  37. Sweet Honey

Do you have any other romantic name which comes on your mind? Then leave a comment below!



  1. Banish says:

    Can be mishri ( sugar)

  2. Jashan says:

    Jind mahi
    Suger pie
    Gola bomb

  3. balwinder says:

    my life line

  4. R says:

    Maano the cat

  5. K sarma says:

    What is the meaning of Punjabi word jivniya

    • Arshpreet says:

      It the Sanskrit name for a group of medicinal plants, classified as “prolonging life”, and originally composed by Caraka in his Carakasaṃhitā sūtrasthāna IV. The name is derived from the word jīva, translating to “life”. It is a technical term used throughout Āyurveda. Examples of plants pertaining to this category include Jīvaka (Celtis orientalis), Mudgaparṇī (Phasceolus radiatus), Māṣaparṇa (Teramnus debilis) and Jīvantī (Dendrobium sp.). The collection of herbs named Jīvanīya is one of the fifty Mahākaṣāya.

    • Hariom says:


    • Nikita Jaiswal says:

      My bf name is harmeet m looking for his nick name.

  6. Laddi says:


  7. Poonam says:


  8. Amrit says:

    Mr. Singh

  9. Preet says:

    My bf name is sukhpreet nd i am looking for his nick name

  10. Roho says:

    Khand mishri

  11. Saheb says:

    What about for a girl named Jasmin ?

  12. Asifii says:

    My gf name is seher i am looking for her nickname

  13. Bebosugarpie says:

    Beboo – meaning gurshan and simran mango bubble tea

  14. bebomithisugarheaf says:

    bebu- meaning gurshan and simran mango bubble tea and vibe by diljit dosanjh

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