22 Exhilarating Lexus LS460 Wallpaper For Your Desktop


For more than 20 years Lexus’ LS has shown the highest level of technology, interior design, and improved driving. The Lexus LS-460 is the latest model in this well-known luxury sedan line that includes an exceptionally smooth V8, an eight-speed automatic transmission, beautiful design, perfect fit and finish, the first model with an expanded base. Known as the LS 460 L, LS provides significantly more legroom for rear passengers and directly competes with similar models with extended facilities offered by European luxury car manufacturers.


Meanwhile, Lexus has managed to make an intuitive majority of the extensive technology on the LS 460, as the most important functions are controlled by buttons with good quality and a touch screen. Given that these cars often purchased by an older demographic model, this is good news, as the interfaces of competing models can be confusing even for the Internet generation technologists. For those who are interested in a large luxury sedan, the LS 460 deserves serious attention.


Under the skin, it has a 4.6-liter V8, with 386 horsepower and a torque of 360 pound-feet. (With standard rear wheel drive) Or 360 hp and 347 lb-ft (with the option of the four-wheel drive). The eight-speed automatic transmission is standard on all LS 460s. Although the large Lexus still covers passengers in a cocoon of peace and quiet, various suspension and steering tweaks make for a large drive. There is still an available F Sports package with a more rigid suspension installation and handling and improved brakes.


Standard features include 18-inch wheels, xenon headlights, front and rear parking sensors, reverse camera adjustable device settings, smart ignition/entry, leather interior and an adjustable steering wheel. There is also a navigation system interface Lexus Remote Touch, a phone and audio Bluetooth, a series of Lexus Enform integrated applications for smartphones, a control system based on Siri for iPhone users and a 10-ton sound system with CD player, HD radio, satellite radio and interface/USB iPod. 460 L adds a power-closing trunk, heated and cooled front seats and a rear-end motorcycle.


In our review of this Lexus LS 460, we found it quiet impressive. Drivers and passengers coddled in a luxury relaxation. This peace does an isolated feeling that kills some involvement between the car and the driver – it can be seen as good or bad, depending on your point of view. A possible adjustable air suspension, however, gives the driver several options.

While we believe that other big premium luxury sedans are more useful for driving and owning, the Lexus LS 460 is cheaper to buy and probably much cheaper to maintain. Most users need to find a cheap way to travel, thanks to smooth and trouble-free performance, superior comfort of the interior and a full menu of high-tech gizmos.

Download Free Lexus LS460 Wallpaper For Your Desktop

Below we have collected the best collection of Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper which you can use it on your digital gadgets including smartphone, desktop PC, Mac, tablet, laptop, etc. Click on the wallpaper to view the full size or download.

1. Lexus LS460 side view

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 2

2. Black Lexus LS460 front view with dark background of clouds

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 3

3. White Lexus LS460 wallpaper for desktop

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 4

4. Lexus LS460 front background wallpaper for PC

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 5

5. Black shining Lexus LS460 side in front of hotel

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 6

6. Custom Lexus LS460 Tuning Wallpaper

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 7

7. Pure Dark Black Lexus LS460

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 8

8. White Lexus LS460 Wallpaper

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 9

9. Lexus LS460 White edition Wallpaper background

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 10

10. Stunning Lexus LS460 tuning gray and black custom made design

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 11

11. White Lexus LS460 with cool alloy wheels

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 12

12. Black Lexus LS460 side view

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 13

13. Dark Lexus LS460 background wallpaper for Windows 10 background screen

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 15

14. Lexus LS460 wallpaper for Windows 7

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 16

15. Black Lexus LS460

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 17

16. Wald International black Lexus LS460

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 18

17. Lexus LS460 top view

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 19

18. Lexus LS460 top view gray model

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 20

19. Sitting like a boss in the Lexus LS460 car

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 21

20. “Home sweet Home” Lexus LS460 parked in the front gate of home

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 22

21. Custom Lexus LS460 tuning car wallpaper

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper

22. Lexus LS460 gray edition

Lexus Ls460 Wallpaper 14


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